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Company Overview of Motilal R. Sompura

I herby have the honor introducing, motilal r. sompura of motilal sompura temple. Expert in sandstone decorative items as well as temple construction with Vastushastra. From centuries sompura are known for its ART and CRAFTSMANSHIP and even my family is carrying in this tradition. For generation we have been built repaired and preserved the rich architecture marvels of India – the home of gods , emperors , kings and nobleman , Infect , the archeological survey , of India relies on our expertise and skills to restore heritage , recognition and acknowledgment have come our way not only from the Indian Government but from foreign ministries too.

Today, by blending the art of intricate hand carving with machine carving we, the fourth generation stone carvers, are bringing this beautiful art closer to you. Our team of gifted artisans is turning sandstone into enduring works of art. Each piece is custom made with great care and loving attention to last more than 900 years. As the centuries old monuments can vouch for, Indian sandstone has stood the test of time standing unaffected by the vagaries of nature in even extreme climates.

Yes! Our sandstone articles are not only long lasting, they require negligible maintenance to keep then in pristine condition. We have now turned our chisels to adorn a multitude of decorative articles , furniture and interiors like Idols & statues , pots & pot stands , fountains , pillars , fireplaces , center tables , dining tables, sofas & garden Benches , Indoor & Garden Lamps , wall panels , carpet flooring , Inlay works , Jharookhas and Grills & Railings ,sandstone Blocks , slabs & claddings.

Since our nine generation we are attached with stones, have constructed numerous well acclaimed temples. As with the art of stone construction we are known for the Vastu Shasta and jotas Shasta which are the essential elements in the professional of construction. Even the great Rankpur was designed by our great (grand) father Shihpi depak.

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