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Shri Motilal R. Sompura, in 1946 pursued his passion and started to construct various temple projects. In 1994 Shri Motilal R. Sompura, along with his son shri Kailash M Sompura founded a firm by the name of "Sompura Temple". Having spread its presence all over india, in year 2001. The company has one large workshop at Pinawara and one at Bansipahadpur of Rajasthan, India. The company specialize in designing, Manufacturing and installing parts of complete large scale temples and monuments. Traditional temples are desgned as per Vastu and Shilp Shastra with no concrete and steel reinforcing.


  • Motilal R. Sompura
  • Experience : Temple Architect & Contractor
  • Above 70 years of exp.

  • Kailash Kumar M. Sompura
  • Experience : Temple Architect & Contractor
  • Above 30 years of exp.

Shilp Study

  • Hemant Raj Sompura
  • Dheeraj Sompura

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